Search MDN’s JavaScript keyword documentation in the command line with wuht

As long as you already have Node installed, you can install the package with npm i wuht -g.

Once wuht is globally installed on your machine, you can search any reserved JavaScript keyword in the command line by typing wuht followed by the keyword you want to look up, for example: wuht import.

This will print the entire MDN entry for whichever keyword you enter, code snippets and all:

wuht works with all of the official reserved keywords as of ES6, as well as the keywords let, await, and async.

I may try to expand the functionality to include more of the MDN documentation in the future, but the challenge is in keeping the search commands to intuitive single words.

If you encounter any issues with the package or otherwise have feedback, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime I hope this package allows you to close a few browser tabs and improve your workflow.

Full-stack web developer and Flatiron School Graduate

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